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Welcome to the Inspire CPD for Therapists website.
We're coming towards the end of our first year providing CPD and specialist training to the counselling & psychotherapy community specifically in the East Midlands. We've thoroughly enjoyed delivering this training to counsellors and psychotherapists across Nottingham, Derby, Leicester & Lincolnshire. Here's to more of the same in 2019!

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Who Are Inspire CPD?

Inspire CPD is an East Midlands based specialist counsellor training venture run by Lynsey Lowe & Sally French. We are both psychotherapists and trainers based in Nottinghamshire. We both have an extensive background as trainers and working with abuse and sexual violence – Lynsey worked for many years for Rape Crisis Nottingham, and Sally was a sexual offences specialist prosecuting solicitor. Please see our individual pages for more detail about us, our backgrounds, and our therapy and supervision services.

At Inspire:CPD for therapists we provide specialist training CPD workshops for counsellors and psychotherapists in Leicester, Nottingham & Derby. Our main area of expertise is training on working with adult survivors of childhood abuse, however, we are happy to deliver training on any related topics. These include but are not limited to;

  • trauma
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • disclosure
  • safeguarding
  • the criminal justice process
  • coping strategies
  • addictions
  • mental health
  • sexual violence
  • addiction

    Our main focus is working with counsellors & therapists from Nottingham and Nottinghamshire but we can deliver training across the East Midlands, from Derby / Derbyshire, Lincoln / Lincolnshire and Leicester / Leicestershire.

  • What are the values of Inspire CPD?

    We want to provide CPD workshops for counsellors and psychotherapists which are:

  • Good quality
  • Reasonably priced
  • Relaxed and informal
  • Practical and informative
  • Small group size (most courses restricted to 16 delegates)
  • Interactive with opportunity for questions
  • Supports both students going into placement & more experienced therapists

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    How did Inspire CPD come into being?

    We are both enthusiastic attenders of CPD workshops, much of it around specialist trauma psychotherapy training, but were aware that so little of it is available in the East Midlands, meaning that therapists usually have to travel long distances and/or stay overnight which can make events too expensive. Often the courses we attended had over 50 delegates - so they didn't feel very personal or offer much opportunity for questions or discussion with the trainers.

    We are also very aware how often issues to do with child abuse, trauma and sexual violence crop up in almost every setting. Student counsellors just starting in placement were telling us this and that they often didn't feel confident about how to work with survivors.

    So, these two factors made us decide to collaborate and form our own training venture where we could ideally meet both of those needs.

    What specialist Counselling CPD Courses in Nottingham does Inspire CPD run?

    We currently run several specialist counsellor & therapist courses directly linked to working with adult survivors of child abuse. These are:

    Working Practically with Adult Survivors of Child Abuse: An Introductory Workshop
    This course explores what we mean by ‘abuse’ and its prevalence and looks at the myths surrounding abuse and abusers. We explore the purpose of anger and shame and how to work with them. This course provides plenty of practical opportunities to try out creative methods of working with clients.

    Working Practically with Adult Survivors of Child Abuse: An Intermediate level Workshop
    This course looks at two main areas relevant to survivors, firstly boundaries – why they are important, but also how flexible they may need to be with this client group. Secondly, we look at dissociation; how to recognise it and work with it.

    Disclosure, Safeguarding & the Criminal Justice Process
    This course looks at what to do when a client discloses either recent or non recent sexual abuse. We explore in detail the impact on client work when a client has disclosed to the police and is going through the court process.

    Responsible Sex?? – Understanding how societal rape myths impact both client and therapist responses to sexual violence.
    This course has been successfully run country wide as a professional development day for the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. It look at what are societal myths surrounding sexual violence, and why blaming the victim is a common response. It provides an opportunity to explore your own myths and understand how these impact client work

    Achieving Safety & Stabilisation in Phase 1 Trauma Work
    Most people are aware of the importance of establishing safety and stabilisation prior to moving on to process trauma memories. But how actually can you do that? This course gives lots of practical advice on how to help you to work safely with your clients.

    We also run other practical courses including:

    Setting up a Successful Counselling Business – A practical Workshop
    This is a really practical workshop where we help you to work out whether private would work for you, and go through all the practical details around costs, insurances, contracting, professional wills etc.

    Working with Grief & Loss
    This course looks at how to navigate the challenges & processes of grieving. In particular understanding and locating grief & loss in survivors of abuse. We provide a pack of resources and experiential activities to aid understanding and practical application.

    Mindfulness Course for Therapists
    A 5 week course for counsellors & psychotherapists who want to learn more about Mindfulness for themselves and to consider implementing into their work with others. It incorporates many different Mindful practices as well as theory around why Mindfulness is helpful for survivors of abuse, as well as those who suffer from anxiety & depression.

    Careers Workshop for Counsellors & Psychotherapists
    A workshop specifically designed for counsellors & psychotherapists who have completed, or are near the end of, their training and deciding what path to take now. You'll undertake specific activities to enable you to explore your options, consider your own strengths & weaknesses, and to discover a way to plan & manage your career.

    Please see our courses page for dates & more information.

    Who do Inspire CPD deliver training to?

    We deliver our specialist training to counsellors and psychotherapists - both experienced and in training. However we will also deliver training for organisations at a suitable venue of your choice.

    For example we have delivered counsellor specialist training in Leicester (our child abuse survivor workshops) for the Leicester Counselling Service, and are also delivering our safeguarding and working within the criminal justice process training for Rutland House Counselling & Psychotherapy.

    We can also create bespoke training packages upon request.

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    Where in the East Midlands do Inspire deliver specialist training?

    We deliver independently organised training usually from a convenient Nottingham location. This is currently Sherwood in Nottingham. The venue is easily accessible via car or public transport.

    However we will also deliver training across the East Midlands if there is a suitable venue of your choice. We are happy to travel to Leicestershire, Derbyshire & Lincolnshire.

    We are happy to deliver any of our specialist counselling CPD courses in Derby, Leicester or Lincolnshire.


    “Thank you – all of it so relevant and helpful” “Enjoyed the use of helpful case studies” “I enjoyed all of the learning and loved your laid back approach!” “A really well delivered course with lots of information – I feel much more confident now” “engaging & stimulating”

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