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Specialist Training and CPD for Counsellors & Psychotherapists

The majority of our training is now online - but it's still small size, interactive, informative & engaging!

This is not just boring "sit and listen"... we encourage questions and we provide thought-provoking activities.

We are trauma specialist therapists & supervisors so that's the main focus but we also cover related topics such as attachment & the wounds of parental relationships.

"Sally and Lynsey’s quality of training is consistently outstanding, exceeding my expectations every time. Really impressed how flexible their approaches can be tailored for in person and/or online therapeutic work”.

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Upcoming courses

22nd July - Pre-Trial Therapy Guidance & what it means for therapy *** July Now full ***
New date - Saturday 16th November
New guidance was issued by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in 2022 but it's only really now coming into the awareness of many people involved in the criminal justice process. If you work in this area, have clients who have reported sexual or domestic violence to the police, or if you're a supervisor then this course is a must do. It covers all the things you need to know - including whether a client can talk about the incidents in therapy, what you should write in your notes and handling police requests.

2nd September - Exploring the Mother Wound
Mothers occupy a special place in the therapy room. There is seldom a client whose story is not impacted in some way by their relationship with their mother. For so many clients the ‘good enough mother’ was not a concept they experienced - often leading to a profound ‘mother wound’. This course gives you ideas for your work with clients but also insight into your own mother relationship!

16th September - Working with Suicidality
This is one of the most challenging aspects of therapeutic practice and we will all come across suicidal clients - whether that's frequently due to the nature of our work, or just occasionally. In this course we look in depth at suicidal thoughts, risk assessment and identifying which clients may just talk about suicide and which may be at greater risk of carrying it through. We'll also cover what happens if you have a client die by suicide.

See course listing page for more details on all of our courses.

TO BOOK any course please complete booking form. You can pay by bank transfer or by debit/credit card.

If you have any queries please do email us - link at top or right of page.

Why come to one our training workshops?

We know that these days there’s an awful lot of choice of CPD events – some of which are free to access – so why do a workshop with us?

We believe what we offer is very different to other online training. We offer:

  • a truly interactive experience that aims to replicate ‘in the room’ training.
  • you will get to learn theories and news ways of working with clients.
  • an experiential experience where you will learn more about yourself. We believe that both types of learning are essential to therapist CPD.
  • Opportunity to meet and network with other therapists.
  • Our small group size means that you will get opportunities to ask questions, and whilst we always encourage full participation no one will ever be forced to speak if they don’t want to – it’s your decision.
  • Our workshops are constantly updated to take account of any new relevant information and we pride ourselves on producing high quality well researched workshops and useful follow up material.
  • We present our workshops with warmth and humour – sharing stories of our experiences – and sometimes our mistakes – to create a real learning environment.

    But don’t just take our word for it – this is what some of our delegates have said:

    “As usual the delivery of both trainers is great. Both warm, friendly and relaxed which I love. Comfort form own home is also great. The format of breakout discussion is also great. I will be back again in the future. Thank you so much.”

    “Honest approach of trainers (not behaving as if they know everything). Trainers' openness to the input of participants. Lots of practical resources. Opportunities for interaction with a range of other counsellors due to mixed up breakout groups. This was very well managed by the trainers.”

    “I like the relaxed style of learning. I have been engrossed in the content & this is down to Sally & Lynsey. Thank you!”

    "The best course I’ve been on. Often zoom course can leave you feeling bored and tired but I was buzzing when I finished!"

    "I can honestly say your training is some of the most helpful I’ve been on over the years, each one has given me food for thought and practical ideas”

  • *** New Pre Trial Therapy Guidelines ***

    Understanding Pre Trial Therapy & the guidance from the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) is our specialist area. Lynsey worked for several years in a specialist service for survivors of sexual violence and Sally was formerly a specialist lawyer within the East Midlands CPS... so we cover both sides!

    We waited a long time for new guidance around this intersection between therapy and the law and finally it was published in 2022. You can find them on the CPS website.

    But what does it all mean for therapy & therapists?

    Well, that's where we come in! With our specialist knowledge and insight we can give you excellent guidance and training in this often complex and confusing area.

    We offer a full day in-depth consideration of the new guidance and the implications for therapy & therapists called 'Pre Trial Therapy In Depth'. This is suitable for those who work in specialist services or organisations where clients reporting sexual or domestic violence is frequent, or for anyone in private practice who comes across this or for supervisors and managers who need to understand the complexities of this work and what it means.

    The second is our "Safeguarding, Confidentiality & Pre Trial Therapy - what are your legal & ethical obligations?" This course covers a wider scope and is suitable for those working in private practice, non-specialist organisations or anyone who has never had any specific safeguarding or PTT training around what to do if a client discusses sexual or domestic violence in the therapy room.

    Areas that we cover are:

  • understanding how GDPR principles sit alongside the Guidance on PTT
  • what is 'special category data' and 'criminal offence data'
  • how should you keep your notes? What should you write? Not write?
  • when might you be contacted by the police?
  • what should you discuss, or not discuss, with the police?
  • how does this impact on confidentiality?
  • what is the 'data minimisation principle' and what does it mean for disclosure?

    We put on regular training days open to anyone to book onto, plus we can offer a bespoke training day for your organisation if that would be worthwhile for you. Please email us for more details and a quote.

  • Specialist supervision around Pre Trial Therapy & Police requests

    As mentioned above we both have extensive experience in this area and we are both experienced supervisors. So, we can provide specialist supervision in this area. We can help in a variety of situations:

  • you are working with someone who has reported offences to the police
  • you receive a request from the police - either for notes or information
  • you work in specialist SV or DV services
  • does your privacy notice & contract cover what it should?

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    Who Are Inspire CPD?

    Inspire CPD is an East Midlands based specialist counsellor & psychotherapy training venture run by Lynsey Lowe & Sally French. We've delivered training together since 2018 and from June 2020 we've regularly delivered our specialist workshops online, these have received such excellent feedback that we are continuing to deliver in this format.

    We are both psychotherapists, supervisors and trainers based in Nottinghamshire. We both have an extensive background as trainers and working with abuse and sexual violence – Lynsey worked for many years for Rape Crisis Nottingham, and Sally was a sexual offences specialist prosecuting solicitor. Please see our individual pages for more detail about us, our backgrounds, and our therapy and supervision services.

    At Inspire:CPD for therapists we provide specialist training CPD workshops for counsellors and psychotherapists in Leicester, Nottingham & Derby, and online via zoom. Our main area of expertise is training on working with adult survivors of childhood abuse and trauma. However, as a result of our work in this area we've developed extensive knowledge and skills around many related topics. These include but are not limited to;

  • trauma
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • disclosure
  • safeguarding
  • the criminal justice process
  • Pre-trial Therapy
  • self-esteem
  • shame
  • suicidality & self-harm
  • coping strategies
  • mental health
  • sexual violence
  • attachment
  • supervision

    Our main focus is now working online with counsellors & therapists across the UK. We can deliver "in the room" training within the midlands: Nottingham and Nottinghamshire as well as Derby / Derbyshire, Lincoln / Lincolnshire and Leicester / Leicestershire.

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    Trauma series of 4 online workshops

    Covering all you need to know from achieiving safety & stabilisation, working with complex PTS(D), dissociation & the bodily impact as well as the impact on you of this kind of work.

    Sadly, if you work as a therapist, you will inevitably work with traumatised people. Whether that be childhood abuse and/or neglect, others who’ve experienced domestic or sexual violence in adulthood or maybe members of the armed forces, or others like police or ambulance workers who suffer trauma during their working lives. Therefore, it is important that you understand trauma, the impact on individuals and an understanding of how to work safely & effectively with traumatised clients. Lynsey and Sally both specialise in this field of work, and we wanted to put together a series of new workshops to cover this important area which is sometimes missing from initial therapy training but so important once we’re practicing as qualified therapists.

    Each is a one-day course on zoom. They can be taken as a course of four, or each is valuable as a standalone workshop.

  • Trauma 1: the basics of safe & effective trauma therapy.
  • Trauma 2: how to achieve Safety & Stabilisation.
  • Trauma 3: Dissociation & Complex PTSD.
  • Trauma 4: the impact of trauma work on therapists; burnout, vicarious trauma and self-care.

    If you book 3 or more trauma workshops, we will give you a £25 discount.
    If you book all 4 trauma workshops, we will discount you £40

    See course listing for more workshop details or to book see our booking form

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    Still hesitant about online training?

    We moved to zoom delivery during the pandemic and it's been quite a revelation. Whether via zoom or in the room all our courses offer informative, interactive & inspirational training at a great price. We've 99.9% positive feedback on our zoom courses. We know how to make it work! We keep it interactive and engaging .... you're never just sitting and listening.

  • Great content
  • Inspiring ideas
  • Meet up with other therapists
  • Practical experiential learning
  • Small group work

    “I was worried it’d be a whole day of Powerpoint and I’d get bored and lose interest. But the way you did it using breakout rooms and different activities it was so interesting and enjoyable – it was great!”

    If you'd be interested in some training "in the room" in Nottingham/shire then do let us know. At present we remain largely on zoom as most people find it convenient for a variety of reasons. However, we are keen to hear from anyone who would be interested in a return to some of our courses being in the room.

  • “You know that I don't believe that anyone has ever taught anything to anyone. I question that efficacy of teaching. The only thing that I know is that anyone who wants to learn will learn. And maybe a teacher is a facilitator, a person who puts things down and shows people how exciting and wonderful it is and asks them to eat.”
    Carl R. Rogers

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    Isn't it great to get such fabulous feedback!

    "How do you get such lovely therapists on your workshops? The breakout rooms were so warm & refreshing!" Motherwound, May 2022

    "The best course I’ve been on. Often zoom course can leave you feeling bored and tired but I was buzzing when I finished!" Anon, 9/6/21

    Feedback from JJ from 1.11.21 - "Thank you for such a fantastic training. One of the best I think for me not only with you but in my whole entire life of counselling. Thank you."

    "As usual the delivery of both trainers is great. Both warm, friendly and relaxed which I love. Comfort from own home is also great. The format of breakout discussion is also great. I will be back again in the future. Thank you so much." Anonymous, 27/4/21

    "Thoroughly enjoyed the day and can't wait to take my learning out to apply to my work." PB, 28/4/21

    "It was a difficult and emotive subject but you both held the space really well. There was plenty of information and food for thought and the breakout rooms and activities really helped cement those." JG, 13/3/21

    "I can honestly say your training is some of the most helpful I’ve been on over the years, each one has given me food for thought and practical ideas – it has reinforced and reminded me of some of my training course in the dim and distant past and given me renewed confidence!" LM, 2/11/20

    "Thank you so much for an informative and fun day on the dissociation course. I was absolutely amazed by your dedication, organisation, friendliness and warmth. I have never experienced a training experience like it!"

    "I feel I now really understand my obligations to survivors and what I need to do when a client has reported an offence to the police. I no longer feel scared about Pre-trial Therapy and the Protocol."

    How to book

    If you would like to book onto one of our courses please complete the online booking form on the bookings page.

    General information: timings, accessibility

    Our workshops generally run 9.30 to 3.30 on zoom. (In the room we may do a slightly longer day.) We generally have 3 breaks - a 30 minute break at lunchtime (around 1 pm) and two 15 minute breaks - one in the morning & one in the afternoon. We try and split them equally through the time we're online.

    We have been trying out having two breaks rather than three on some workshops; 45 minutes for lunch at around 12 and an afternoon break of 15 minutes around 2.15 pm.

    We outline the break times at the start of each day.

    If you have any specific needs around breaks or other accessibility concerns/issues then please do feel free to contact us.

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    What are the values of Inspire CPD?

    We want to provide CPD workshops for counsellors and psychotherapists which are:

  • Good quality
  • Reasonably priced
  • Relaxed and informal
  • Practical and informative
  • Small group size - Maximum of 30 online delegates
  • Interactive with opportunity for questions
  • Supports both students going into placement & more experienced therapists

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    How did Inspire CPD come into being?

    We are both enthusiastic attenders of CPD workshops, much of it around specialist trauma psychotherapy training, but were aware that so little of it is available in the East Midlands, meaning that therapists usually have to travel long distances and/or stay overnight which can make events too expensive. Often the courses we attended had over 50 delegates - so they didn't feel very personal or offer much opportunity for questions or discussion with the trainers.

    We are also very aware how often issues to do with child abuse, trauma and sexual violence crop up in almost every setting. Student counsellors just starting in placement were telling us this and that they often didn't feel confident about how to work with survivors. Most of them had no specialist training on working with trauma, or of what even the Pre-Trial Therapy Protocol is.

    So, these two factors made us decide to collaborate and form our own training venture where we could ideally meet both of those needs.

    What specialist Counselling & Psychotherapy CPD Courses does Inspire CPD run?

    We've been delivering specialist counsellor & therapist courses since 2017 and online training from 2020 and have a wide range of workshops we can deliver, plus we always try to introduce one or two new ones each year. Recent courses include:

  • Adult Attachment: what does it mean for therapy?
  • New trauma series of 4 workshops
  • Exploring the Father Wound - the impact of the absent father
  • Pre-Trial Therapy In Depth

    For a full list & dates please click on the link to visit our course listing page.

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    Who do Inspire CPD deliver training to?

    We deliver our specialist online training to counsellors and psychotherapists - both experienced and in training. However we will also deliver training for organisations at a suitable venue of your choice or online via zoom.

    Since 2020 we have been delivering workshops on Zoom and we are very confident that this is a viable alternative - we've 99.9% positive response rate! This means we can deliver training to any area of the country.

    We have delivered specialist training in Nottingham, Derby & Leicester (our child abuse survivor workshops) for the Leicester Counselling Service among others. We've delivered our specialist Legal Responsibilities training - including Pre-Trial Therapy for Rutland House Counselling & Psychotherapy (RHCP) Nottingham Women's Centre and Notts Sexual Violence Support Services.

    We can also create bespoke training packages upon request.

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    Where in the East Midlands do Inspire deliver specialist training?

    We deliver independently organised training usually from a convenient Nottingham location. This is currently Edwinstowe in North Nottingham (NG21 9PR). The venue has good transport links and free car parking.

    However we will also deliver training across the East Midlands if there is a suitable venue of your choice. We are happy to travel to Leicestershire, Derbyshire & Lincolnshire.

    As mentioned above we now also deliver remotely via Zoom so can deliver to any area of the country.

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